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Polar Beat - Fitness Coach


Polar Beat is the ultimate free sports and fitness tracker app from the pioneer of wearable sports technology. Running, cycling, gym, walking, dancing… Choose your favorite activity from 100+ sport profiles and start reaching your goals and improving your health. REVIEWS FOR THIS FREE FITNESS APP”Polar Beat is the best app for real-time heart rate monitoring.” – CIO PLAN, TRAIN, ANALYZE, SHARE. All in one place. 1. Make a personal training PLAN» Choose your activity from 100+ sport profiles. Various indoor and outdoor sports included, like cycling & indoor cycling.» Choose a training target: distance, time or calories burned 2. TRAIN smart» Track your distance, pace and route with GPS» Get real-time voice guidance based on your goals» See how many calories you’ve burned in real time*» Stay at the right intensity for the most effective workout* 3. ANALYZE and UNDERSTAND your training session» Log all your training sessions, indoors or out, with sport profiles for a comprehensive training diary» See what you achieved with each workout and sports activity: improved endurance, increased strength or burned fat*» See how many calories you burned*» Understand the impact of your workout at different intensity levels*» Re-live your routes and workout on the map» Analyze your training sessions and history» Understand your overall fitness with Polar Flow, Polar's comprehensive and free web service for health and fitness 4. SHARE your achievements with your friends» Share your training with friends, challenge them to beat your record or just spread the good vibes after an awesome workout. FEATURES- Sign in to unlock 100+ sport profiles- Maintain a comprehensive training log of your workouts and activity using the different sport profiles- Map your route and distance with GPS- Get voice guidance while you train- See your personal bests- Set training targets and reach your goals- Track distance, pace and route- Track your heart rate with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor* - Monitor your calorie burn* - Train at the right intensity for maximum results and health benefits*- Track distance indoors with a Polar stride sensor (Polar stride sensor required)- Share your training on Facebook and Twitter * Features available with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor.  POLAR H7 HEART RATE SENSOR Connect the Polar H7 heart rate sensor to Polar Beat and see your accurate, heart rate and calories burned on your mobile. By training smarter, not harder, you can reach your goals faster, improve your health and avoid over and under training. With the Polar Beat premium features and Polar H7 you can unlock the next level of personal fitness: specific training targets, personalized feedback and fitness assessments.  PREMIUM FEATURES [+] Polar Fitness Test* – Measure your fitness level while you lie down and relax[+] Polar Running Index* – See how your running performance is developing and track your progress[+] Polar EnergyPointer* – See the main effect of your workout in real time - whether you’re burning fat or improving fitness[+] Polar Benefit Target* – Set personal training targets - like boosting recovery or improving endurance and get guidance to achieve it[+] All-Inclusive Bundle*– Save over 35% with the premium bundle SPORT PROFILESSign in to your Polar account for 100+ sport profiles: including running, treadmill running, indoor cycling, mountain biking, road cycling and many more. POLAR FLOW – A WORLD OF FITNESSCreate a free Polar account and get access to Polar Flow, a comprehensive service for anyone interested in their health and activity. In Polar Flow, you can monitor and analyze your training and share your fitness and sports moments with like-minded individuals. CONNECT WITH @polarglobal Note: Continuous use of GPS can dramatically decrease your phone’s battery life.